The Aspika Talks stand as a powerful beacon of empowerment and understanding, where neurodivergent individuals and neurotypicals alike converge to share the intimate narratives of their life journeys. In these motivational conversations, courage intertwines with vulnerability as each speaker unveils the intricate layers of their experiences. Beyond mere presentations, the Aspika Talks represent a profound movement of enlightenment and education, celebrating the mosaic of human diversity. It’s not just about showcasing oneself but about fostering a collective journey towards empathy, acceptance, and appreciation of our differences.

Dr. Jenny Phan

Dr. Jenny Mai Phan is a distinguished researcher and data scientist specializing in behavioral endocrinology, psychology, and human development, with a specific focus on autism. A late-diagnosed autistic adult herself, Dr. Phan brings a unique and personal perspective to her work. Her research is driven by a deep understanding of the intersections between stress, puberty, mental health, and autism, especially within the context of diverse populations. 

Dr. Phan is widely recognized for her advocacy in autism, particularly in highlighting the challenges and experiences of marginalized groups, including Asian Americans and women with autism. She is passionate about promoting comprehensive sexual health education and self-advocacy tools for autistic youth, aiming to bridge the gap in accessible and inclusive resources…


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Researcher and Data Scientist
Surgeon Physician, Pediatrician, International Consultant in Autism and Immunodeficiencies
Computer Information Systems, Journalism, Writer
Researcher, Trainer and Speaker.
Voice Director and Voice Actor
Nutritionist, CEO and Founder
Extensive background in Education, Writing, and Marketing and specializes in the field of Autism and…
Founder, Mother, Producer, Writer
CEO – Founder
Motivational Speaker
Prolific Writer and Social Scientist/Activist
Executive – Creative

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