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Pete Cabrera

Language: English

Professional Background

  • Graduated from Coral Park High School in Miami.
  • Attended Miami Dade Community College.
  • Started his first business at the age of 21.
  • Has 35+ years of experience in Insurance, Employee Benefits, and Human Resources field.
  • Owner & President of The Financial Consortium, Inc. since 1995 focusing on Insurance, Employee Benefits and Human Resources
  • He also has 25+ years of experience as a Key-Note Speaker and expert on the topic of Personalities, Human Behavioral Styles, and Emotional Intelligence focusing on Corporate Organizational Development and DISC@Home.
  • Owner and President of HR Soft Skills, Inc. since 2011.


Pete is a man of true Public Service.

  • From 1981 to 2001, served on numerous boards and organizations in the Catholic Archdioceses of Miami.
  • 2001 was a founding member and first registered parishioner in Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church in Doral.
  • Appointee to the Miami Dade Public Schools Countywide Attendance Boundary Committee in 2001 to 2003.
  • Appointee to the Miami Dade Public Schools Countywide Overcrowding Task Force in 2001 to 2003.
  • Vice-President and Co-Founder 2001 of “One Doral”, a Community Based Organization.
  • Before we became a City, as Vice-President of “One Doral”, Pete helped organize the first 4th of July Parade and Picnic.
  • Is a Founding Member of the City of Doral.
  • Served as the founding Vice Mayor from 2003-2008, then again in 2016 and is currently the Vice Mayor.
  • Vice Mayor Cabrera is the longest serving member of the City Council, having dedicated 15 of the city’s 17-year history, to serving the residents and business of Doral.

HR Soft Skills 

“Know is Power Self-Knowledge is Powerful Understanding Others is Empowering”  –  Pete Cabrera.

To master ourselves and others we must develop Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence, which consist of “Intrapersonal Skills”, our ability to understand and manage our own feelings, emotional needs, motivators, and stressor and “Interpersonal Skills”, our ability to understand and relate to others. To develop Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence we must first understand what influences Human Behavior.

Pete Cabrera has more than 35 years of experience in the fields of Employee Benefits and Human Resource field. For more than 25 of those, Pete has been helping his clients maximize performance by providing the organization development, training and an implementation strategy that guarantee success. Pete has been trained by world renowned experts in the field of Behavioral Styles, Soft Skills, and Emotional Intelligence for the both the workplace and in our personal lives. Pete brings all this knowledge and experience to you. He has been a speaker and trainer for multi-national corporations, churches, schools, and non-profit organizations. Pete has a passion for helping others in both in professional life as well as in his personal. He often provides complimentary training for schools and non-profit.

DISC is one of the most established assessments used in determining Behavioral Styles in individual in over 40 different countries. His company, HR Soft Skills uses DISC as the foundation to teach Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence in all our services. From dynamic introductory presentation that guarantees to maintain audiences engaged, laughing, and reflecting the entire time. To our in-depth classroom training workshops utilizing the most advanced online behavioral style assessments and personalized profile reports available in the market today, to our one-on-one personal consultations.

Recognizing that an employee’s personal lives have a tremendous impact on their workplace performance, HR Soft Skills takes corporate training to a totally new place: Home. By learning to apply Soft Skills and Emotional Intelligence at home employees will not only improve their overall quality of life but it will result in better workplace performance.

Pete is a dynamic keynote speaker and trainer that is guaranteed to engage all participants. Here are just a few of the words that participants have used to describe him and his presentations; Engaging, Dynamic, Qualified, Memorable, Humorous, Entertaining, Energetic, Vibrant and Genuine. We guarantee his presentation will be a memorable moment you will not forget.

Pete is available for Corporate Training, DISC@Home TM Workshops, DISC@School TM Workshops, Keynote Speaking as well as one-on-one Consulting.


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