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Angel Reverol

December 29

Language: Spanish

Get to know a bit about my life and what I’m passionate about.

I am Ángel Reverol.

In love with life.

Clinical and Health Psychologist. Venezuelan and Mexican, Mexico became my second home, and I’m honored to say I’m Mexican. It also connected me with my life’s purpose.

My passion is to study and stay updated on topics related to mental health and how our brain functions, both emotionally and neurologically.

  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mexico.
  • Master’s in clinical and health psychology from Barcelona, Spain and Mexico, and Master’s in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Barcelona, Spain.
  • I am also a Specialist in Autism, certified in ADOS-2, Expert in Pharmacological Clinic of Psychosomatic Disorders, Psychological Intervention in Personality Disorders, and Psychosis and Dementia.
  • Constant updates on addictions, and I have extensive experience in sensory profile analysis together with my team of Occupational Therapists, supporting family members and individuals with autism from a first-person perspective.

Some of the situations where I can assist you include depression and mood disorders in general, anxiety and stress issues, poor conflict management in couples and organizations, ADHD, adult autism and their families, low self-esteem, communication issues, and more.

I have a professional career spanning over a decade, helping individual patients, couples, and companies; both in face-to-face sessions and online. I treat adults and youths based on the cognitive-behavioral intervention model, one of the most effective.

There are no limits; all human beings can achieve great things and inspire others.

My purpose is clear: to contribute to mental health, humanizing and providing positive tools to society, and leaving beautiful footprints that make a difference and add value.

Angel Reverol

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December 29
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