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Yesse Leyva

Language: English

Yessenia holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and has over 15 years of experience within the non-profit, public relations, and customer service industries. 

Yessenia has also served as a peer mentor to at-risk children in underprivileged communities. She is a passionate peer mentor and advocate for individuals with special needs– both physical and intellectual. 

She has served as a national and tri- county disabilities and acceptance keynote speaker. As a project manager, Yessenia creates special events to benefit the community to include persons with disabilities. 

She has produced shows such as FUNclusion Productions, The Nova Expo, and Inspiration Runway and brings inclusion into other events. Yessenia is a certified advocate with the state of Florida’s Partners in Policy Making where she advocates for persons with disabilities within all sectors of society: the education system, the employment sphere, and government related issues that affect the disabled community. Recently, she launched the Yes with Yesse scholarship which works to fill the gap for persons with disabilities to reach their goal of independence as well as the FUNclusion Scholarship providing persons with disabilities to reach their artistic goals.

Mentee, and graduate of the Les Brown Institute, Yessenia uses her communication skills to inform and include the disabled community on related topics and events through her weekly show Yes with Yesse on New Season Gospel FM and her multiple appearances on Cox Media’s.

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