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Daniel Jones

Language: English

Daniel M. Jones, also known as The Aspie World, is an internationally acclaimed author and video influencer renowned for his work in Autism advocacy. He holds the title of best-selling author for his book “Autism for Adults” and leads an award-winning YouTube channel called The Aspie World.

The Aspie World stands as the largest YouTube platform dedicated to Autism by an autistic individual globally. Focused on promoting Autism awareness and understanding, the channel offers insights from Daniel’s perspective as an autistic person.

Through fostering genuine connections and promoting positive change, Daniel actively engages with his audience, aiming to uplift and inspire. Furthermore, he leverages his platform to support charitable causes such as The National Autistic Society, contributing to fundraising efforts.

Diagnosed with Autism, OCD, ADHD, and Dyslexia, Daniel utilizes his influence to educate others about Autism through his adept use of video content and social media platforms.

Notably, Daniel pioneered the creation of the first-ever neurodiverse panel discussing ADHD and Autism at VidCon US, the world’s largest video convention.

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