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Jorge Patrono

Language: Spanish

Music and television producer, with two Grammy Award nominations, for more than 20 years he has been researching the most relevant information on science and spirituality with the purpose of helping to generate positive change in the global Hispanic community.

Dedicated for 12 years to creating audio/visual content for edutainment, Jorge has interviewed more than 100 international personalities in the field of health, quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics.

Among his works Jorge produced the documentary “Your Life, Your Creation”, which includes the knowledge of 27 personalities, and is currently working with audio frequencies to help war veterans to lessen the effects of PTSD or post-traumatic effects and panic attacks.

Jorge, along with his wife Silvia, have been honored with the appointment of ambassadors of Peace in 2011, recognized by UNESCO.

Jorge currently collaborates with Dr. Bruce Lipton in all his presentations and content in Spanish. She graduated as a holistic nutritionist and is a therapist with vast experience in the field of human energy (Bio-Well), Heartmath/Heart coherence, and the use and benefits of structured water and sound and light frequencies.

His next documentary, currently in pre-production, is based on the study of energy, vibration and frequencies applied to the daily life of the individual.

Jorge has lived in Los Angeles, California, for 36 years, where he serves clients in person or via video conference.

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