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Clarianne Jimenez

August 25

Language: English

Clarianne Jimenez was born in 1989 in the big city of New York. From a young age, she was passionate about science and health. After completing her high school education, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Medical studies from an abroad university, Universidad Central del Este in Dominican Republic.

After completing her undergraduate studies, Clarianne decided to gain hands-on experience in the medical field by enrolling in de MD program in which she performed a 3-years training program for aspiring doctors. While doing this and preparing for her matching program the ongoing prescribing and pharmaceutical influences made her shift her path. During this time in the medical field, she gained valuable knowledge and skills that she later applied in her functional medicine and nutrition counseling program.

Clarianne’s interest in functional medicine and nutrition was sparked by her personal experiences with her son’s health. She noticed that many health issues her son experienced were linked to diet and lifestyle choices. She began to research and educate herself on the impact of nutrition on health and well-being. 

During her course of completing her functional medicine and nutrition counseling program, Clarianne began to spread awareness about the importance of nutrition in maintaining good health. She shared her own experiences and the positive impact that changes to her son’s diet and lifestyle had on his health. She started a practice and social media accounts where she shared her knowledge and insights with others.

Clarianne’s efforts to raise awareness about the impact of nutrition on health had a significant impact on the people in her community. She received many messages and emails from people who had improved their health and well-being by following her advice.

Clarianne continues to pursue her passion for spreading awareness about the importance of nutrition in maintaining good health. Her work has inspired many people to make positive changes in their lives.

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August 25
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