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Larissa G.

Language: English

Larissa G. holds a BA degree in Music Therapy, Cum Laude, with voice and piano concentration, from the John Cali School of Music at Montclair State University, NJ (2017). Living on the spectrum herself, Larissa is an inspirational presenter through music across states, promoting autism and neurodivergence acceptance. 

She has shared her message in-person and virtually across autism and music therapy conferences, university programs, local schools, organizational fundraisers, and private events. Throughout public events and various interviews and podcasts, Larissa shares her story of growing up on the autism spectrum and of overcoming challenges related to living as a neurodivergent individual, accompanied by her original songs and musical compositions. Inspired by her own childhood and eager to give back, Larissa has recently published 10 illustrated musical song lyric books with coloring and activity pages, geared towards topics affecting neurodivergent children, teens and their families. 

Taking her book project to a global level, Larissa produced and hosted her own 10-episode YouTube Talk Show, Words and Beats-The Larissa G. Show, focusing on neurodiversity as related to her songs and books. Using her Music Therapy background, Larissa also teaches piano and adaptive music lessons to children with autism and beyond at her Discovery Music Studio in Leonia, NJ. Besides her autism related work, as an entertainer and performing musician, Larissa connects with communities of various cultures by singing songs in up to 13 languages in her state of New Jersey, New York City, and beyond. 

Larissa is a recording artist with a variety of music albums released over the last 10 years.


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