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Mariana Cambiasso

February 1

Language: Spanish

An architect by profession, and now she defines herself as a Wellness Activist by passion. She was the architect of her own life, designing how to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 29 years. She doesn’t like to be called “patient” because her disease has never defined her; I think that therein lies the secret to understanding how to be able to live with joy despite of all of the obstacles we may have”.

A little over 1 year ago, a portal with the greatest dissemination in Latin America took its first step and echoed in history. –  “I transformed pain into humor” through a stand-up routine where I recounted my daily routines “taking weight off” Arthritis.

With the RRSS, a new opportunity came – she understood that her message could be useful to many people, and that’s when she founded and launched: @vozdeartritis; a community where she uploads her personal content daily and encourages and invites many to live within the Virtuous Circle method.

Mariana is currently developing a Program to Improve Health Care for People with Rare Conditions (PEFC).

In her ASPIKA Talk, Mariana invites you to learn more about her story of resilience and improvement.

“I propose you hack your mind in order to understand that every CRISIS is an OPPORTUNITY”.

Press | Media

Infobae: https://www.infobae.com/sociedad/2021/08/25/a-los-22-anos-le-diagnosticaron-artritis-reumatoidea-paso-por-13-cirugias-y-encontro-en-el-stand-up-la-manera-de-canalizar-el-dolor/

Beto Casella: https://www.continental.com.ar/actualidad/le-diagnosticaron-artritis-reumatoidea-y-en-el-stand-up-logro-canalizar-el-dolor_a612648941a84cd0c5bbf1677

FM El Cielo: https://infocielo.com/dolor/tiene-artritis-y-transformo-el-dolor-humor-stand-up-n725959

Radio Andina: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1pNG1icdEEr1PQZMmaqL0b?si=GwJeBLIXQ1SFid2ssKhfhA&utm_source=whatsapp

Canal 22 Santiago Cúneo:  https://youtu.be/sFREnH6HOFY

Radio 913: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uH1-vAjt4N4&feature=youtu.be

Radio Bahía Blanca: https://youtu.be/Oamy2tbp16g

Pasión de Agenhoy Radio Florencio Varela | Programa El Círculo: Lara de Alvear

Escucha #ElCirculo – Mariana Cambiasso, la Arquitecta que se volvió Activista por Pasión de Agenhoy Radio en #SoundCloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/b75rh 

La Nueva Bahía Blanca: https://www.lanueva.com/nota/2022-9-22-6-30-41-mujeres-que-inspiran-tiene-artritis-reumatoidea-es-arquitecta-una-referente-y-dara-una-charla-tedx 

El Ancasti: https://www.elancasti.com.ar/informacion-general/artritis-reumatoidea-hagamos-visible-lo-invisible-n509362

Liga Argentina de Fútbol: https://instagram.com/stories/ligaprofesionalafa/2947447773269011959?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Ciudad de Buenos Aires: https://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/noticias/la-ciudad-ilumina-monumentos-durante-el-mes-de-octubre

Diario Deportivo Olé: https://www.ole.com.ar/river-plate/river-conferencia-prensa-gallardo_0_U378zM7ZJ8.html

Día Mundial de la Artritis: https://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/espaciopublicoehigieneurbana/noticias/se-iluminaron-monumentos-por-el-dia-mundial-de-la-artritis

Latinoamérica habla de Artritis 

Seminario Web “Latinoamérica habla de Artritis”, organizado por ASOPAN (Red Panamericana de Asociaciones de Pacientes) y PANLAR (Liga Panamericana de Asociaciones de Reumatología) Única representante de pacientes contando su historia a nivel Latinoamericano: https://youtu.be/Ocmp_TZRZgM

La Casa Invita AM750: https://ar.radiocut.fm/audiocut/mariana-cambiasso-paso-por-lacasainvita/?adredirect=0#evtCat=AppAd&evtAct=Cut&evtLabel=NoThanks

Coffe Late FM93.5: https://ar.radiocut.fm/audiocut/entrevista-a-mariana-cambiasso-en-coffeelate/

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February 1
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