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Sarah Glofcheskie

Language: English

Sarah A. Glofcheskie, BSc, MBA

Compelled by her own journey with her Autistic child, Sarah combined her personal and professional when she founded BeMe in 2020. 

Sarah has spent 20 years working across Life Sciences, Software, and Technology.

She is a passionate advocate for the Autistic community and is driven to see a barrier free world for all. She holds a BSc (Human Biology) from Western University, Canada and earned her MBA at ESMT European School of Management & Technology in Berlin, Germany.

She is immensely proud of the value that the BeMe platform is bringing to families and their care teams, as well as the team which has built it and is bringing it to the world.

“Autistic individuals deserve society’s full efforts in terms of furthering complete inclusion at all levels, and they deserve to live gratifying, empowered lives. To do otherwise is a tragedy, as are the missed opportunities for contribution of unique and gifted individuals. Inclusion is a human right.”

“At BeMe, we ARE the families we serve.”

BeMe.ai is focused on bridging the gap between the current standard of care provided to Autistic individuals and a truly individualized, needs-based approach to holistic wellbeing on a massive scale.

BeMe provides a health and wellbeing tracker and insight generating app incorporating medical, behavioral, and environmental data, designed specifically to support Autistic children.

The first ever holistic data-driven technology solution for Autism.

Transforming the standard of care.

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