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Luis Carreño

Language: Spanish

Luis Carreño (born August 20, 1975) is an experienced Venezuelan voice actor and announcer. Known for being the voice of SpongeBob in the eponymous series since the second season premiered in 2000, Perro in CatDog, the second voice of Max Steel in the eponymous series and its films, Martin Mystery in the eponymous series and Tres espías sin límite. He also lent his voice to Felix in the award-winning animated short Hoy no se hace pastel de Chucho. 

He began dubbing in 1992 at the age of 16 for Etcétera Group in the Brazilian soap opera Pantanal with the character of Reno.

He currently resides in Miami, Florida, dubbing and directing projects for studios such as The Kitchen and BKS since October 2015. He was also a radio announcer for Hot94, does advertising and has participated as an actor in theater and television.

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