Aspika LLC. is a corporation with a Foundation “We Are Aspika” program dedicated to building communities and opportunities exclusively for neurodivergent young adults graduating from high school, and in the university.

We Are Aspika Foundation will facilitate employment and training in Aspika LLC., understanding different potentials and skills, evaluating programs and identifying the accommodations and abilities.

From all of us at Aspika, we thank you for your contribution. With your help, we are funding students in need of jobs and collaborators making a difference.


From all of us at Aspika, we thank you for your contribution. With your help, we are funding students in need of jobs and collaborators making a difference.



There are more Universities today aiming to de-stigmatize unique minds, highlighting resources leading students to thrive, and many corporations are hiring neurodivergent individuals.

The term neurodiversity refers to natural variations in how people learn, think and engage with the world around them.

Neurodivergents bring new perspectives to a company’s efforts creating value; It begins with opportunities, patience and training. Organizations around the world are embracing neurodiversity, unlocking innovation, getting new insights, and being better prepared to navigate today’s fast-changing business environment. That’s why many companies have reformed their HR welcoming neurodiverse talent.


“I want to be of use to others in some way,” specifically to someone very close to me. Throughout my career path, mostly during the last 25 years, I've met amazing people around the world who have inspired me in making a difference. My goal in launching the Aspika Foundation is to work alongside neurodivergents and do everything I can to help provide inspiration and positive changes in their lives.

An International, General, and Hispanic Market successful and respected media brand with 35+ years of experience with a broad base background and exceptional work ethic, making her a distinguished pro-active executive.

Considered one the most pivotal figures in the development of Branded Content Business approach in Media, and International Business acquisitions. Specializes in Marketing-Blueprints and Marketing Intelligence utilizing dimensional transmedia architectural creative analysis, brand behaviors, and market niches. A result-driven Senior Level Executive spearheading the most high-profile award-winning Marketing campaigns, strategies, and executions for Fortune 500 businesses.

Liaison between International TV Networks – Dubai, Japan, Honduras, South Korea, Spain, UK, Brazil – Dominican Republic – Puerto Rico, and US General and Hispanic Market, creating concepts and tools that have come with the evolution of technology, introducing revolutionary marketing and production principles and practices.

Rita Hernandez is also the Founder and CEO of Aspika.com A 21st Century innovating global approach to personal and professional advancement for high school graduates and university students – providing tools, resources, community support, and advocacy involvement to the neurodiverse community. Becoming one of the most efficacy Platforms in the world with more than 20 countries interacting daily.

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