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Mónica Finol Cámera

Language: Spanish

Mónica Finol Camera

Graduated in Business Administration in her native Venezuela at Santa Maria University in 1996, she has currently been living in Spain for 15 years, she has dedicated herself as a professional in the Aviation Airline where she worked as a Sales Executive for the Canary Islands.

She currently lives in Valencia, Spain, city where she develops her project @Artrimonik, which was born as a result of her diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, with the desire to help and guide people with Arthritis to overcome the difficulties they may face. Rheumatoid Arthritis made her understand that she had to become a being to serve others and now she understands that her mission is to become a support person for the Neurodivergent Community. Creator of the website www.artrimonik.com and content on social networks such as Programa de la Mano con… on YouTube, Podcast Artrimonik de la mano con La Artritis, designed to motivate and how we should face our difficulties with Arthritis, Radio Canarias Program Tal Cual 7.7 FM with Eduardo Guerra, space dedicated to talk about Arthritis and broadcast throughout the Canary Islands. Instagram @artrimonik. In the pandemic he dedicated himself to give motivational talks, self-esteem and personal growth, in several cities in Latin America. She has written articles for the international magazine Auch Magazine in Australia. She is currently finishing writing her first book where she narrates and tells her experience after a medical diagnosis that led her to a disability and her resilience. Today she is grateful for this wonderful opportunity to contribute to Aspika with her personal story that will surely inspire you and help you to have an easier and happier life.

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