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David Octavio Gandell #3

Language: English

David is a graduate of the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Marketing Management and a B.A. in Speech Communication.

David Octavio Gandell is an award-winning Life Coach, published author, TV host & community leader.

He is the Creator & Host of numerous tv shows “Lifechangers4Life Tv Show”, “El Arte de Triunfar”, “LifeChanging Hour”, “Testimonio de Triunfo”, “Hope Heatlh and Healing” and more.

He has been honored with the prestigious Champion of the Human Spirit & Mogul Survivor Awards. David draws his spiritual, mental & physical strength from God, even in the face of death.

After battling Cancer not once but twice he is now Cancer free & helps others by being a Life Coach, writer and an inspirational speaker as he is now a public figure as he travels the country sharing his inspirational story.

David a man of insurmountable faith is now walking in it, as he is working on many projects including his book, documentary and tv show.

David’s true talent has been relating to his clients. As a trainer and a life coach he has impacted the lives of thousands. A man of insurmountable faith is now walking in it. He is a two time cancer survivor, and his testimony is now being told worldwide.

A positive human being with a smile that is contagious. He will bring out the best in you and will show you how to live. Energy is all around us but David’s passion will show you how to use it towards your purpose. If anyone can explain your dreams and visions with an understanding that you hold the key that is his motivation.

As a speaker he has inspired corporations to develop business strategies, create profit centers, communication skills between employees and servicing customers or clients.

He wrote the Empowering Women in the NOW Series. The Series made up of 4 Seminars that let to The Women Breakthrough Conference “Don’t Dream Your Life, LIVE YOUR DREAMS”. He also wrote the best selling book based on the Conference.

With his natural gift of love, his warmth, charismatic personality, and true enjoyment of inspiring others to live now, he will change your life.


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