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Gabriela Torrente

June 14

Language: Spanish

International speaker.
Life and Business Coach
Author of the book: “AROMASTE, it’s not just about smelling pretty”.
President and Founder of Aromaste Inc. and Aromaste®.
Expert in Aromatherapy for more than 15 years,
She offers workshops and provides certification in the use of essential oils,
based on a novel technique for Aromatherapy purposes.
Producer of the radio program of the same name.
Dedicates her part of her time helping immigrant Families as Spiritual director.

Gabriela P. Torrente was born in Mexico, graduated from the Ibero American University of the same country, in Graphic Design, with a subsystem in Textile Design. She began working in her own company, Penilla, Arte y Diseño, offering marketing services and corporate image creation for other companies.

In 1995, she began studying body healing with natural herbs, reductive and therapeutic massages in Tepoztlán, Morelos. She began her activities as a facilitator and promoter of aromatherapy products, educating about their use, correct application and benefits in alternative medicine.

Subsequently, she studied at the European School of Aromatherapy, gave experiential workshops in Mexico, New York, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston and Miami, where she currently resides.

In recent years she has dedicated herself to study the reconnection of the body with the Inner DNA, Theta Healing and NLP. She has participated in national congresses of renowned aroma therapists, such as Robert Tisserand, among others.

Additionally, she has participated in the creation and training of the sales force of companies dedicated to the distribution of therapeutic lines and therapies formulated with essential oils. His love for nature and experience for more than twenty years in the world of alternative medicine, give legitimacy to the information he shares through his international conferences, radio and television interviews.

She has formulated specialized lines for diverse needs such as tantric sexuality, Autism, Menopause, lately in the real estate sector and sales centers.


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June 14
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