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Álvaro Alcocer

Language: Spanish

Name: Álvaro Alcocer
Band Name: Álvaro Alcocer y Las Buenas Influencias
Date of Birth: March 5, 1980
Nationality: Colombia, Sincelejo – Department of Sucre.

Artistic Summary:

1988 Álvaro discovers the taste of the genre Rock en Español unlike his coterráneos who listened to music from the Colombian Caribbean.

1990 – 1992 Álvaro develops writing: writing his own anecdotes, stories and experiences of family and friends. Writing was a secret that he kept for a long time because he considered that what he wrote was of no value to others.

1994 Álvaro turns to music as an escape and therapy from the accident that changed his life.

1995 Álvaro went to the island of Cuba where, besides receiving physical therapy, he listened to all the music he could get his hands and ears on, such as the Cuban music that resounded in every corner of the island and logically the Rock en Español and the music of the most outstanding Colombian artists (Carlos Vives, Shakira, Andrea Echeverri, Ekhyimosis and others) that his family and friends sent him on cassettes.

1998 Alvaro moved with his family to the state of Florida – USA. The distance of his family from his hometown leads him to listen to traditional music from his homeland: Vallenato, Porro, Champeta among others.

2006 In a bohemian night, Alvaro takes a risk and shows his friends the writings he had kept only for himself. That night after being listened to, his friends agreed that those writings or poems could be set to music: immediately Alvaro began to set to music the most recent writing that he titled “Por que de paso no me matas” song that he would record 2 years later. This same year, 2006 the name of the band ̈Las Buenas Influencias was born, this was the first way to materialize Alvaro’s dream of having his own band where he could play and sing his own songs.

2008 Being in a live show in Miami, Álvaro meets Jeremías Lawson, Venezuelan Composer and producer who produces until today more than 20 songs, most of them composed by Álvaro and some of them together with Jeremías.

2017 Alvaro composes and records his first song to which he gives a great deployment in terms of musical production and commercially shows it in different media and platforms (RCN TV, Caracol TV, CNN and others). The song is titled: María Varilla. This song is the fusion of Colombian Caribbean rhythms with pop rock where the sounds of the accordion, drums and electric guitars stand out. This year, Alvaro receives recognition from the mayor’s office of Sincelejo, his hometown, since the song as its name indicates speaks and highlights one of the emblematic characters of the region.

2019 “La Cerveza” and “Mi Voz a tu lado” are the ones released through the different platforms, songs that follow that line of fusion of Rock en Español with traditional Colombian music.
2021 In March of that year after a long quarantine in 2020, Alvaro meets with musical friends and decide to start rehearsals and practices reintegrating “Las Buenas Influencias” with their own songs and covers with the dream and illusion of getting to play and take their music locally in public places, dream that comes true on July 31 in a presentation where the tickets were sold two weeks before what makes “Alvaro Alcocer y Las Buenas Influencias” not desist to continue making music that can take every day further. At the end of this year, he meets with Nicolas Tovar, great Colombian composer and producer with a great musical career of more than 25 years and recognized for working with artists such as Gloria Estefan, Cristian Castro, Farruko, Pedro Capo, Carlos Baute, Shakira, among others.

2022 In March 2022, Alvaro and Nicolas release their first single together “Yo Vuelo”, a very personal song which Alvaro describes as a song to life, and “Lobo De La Noche” a song inspired by the rock of the 80s.

Songs available on digital platforms:

Yo Vuelo – Lobo de la Noche – Sexy Machine – La Cerveza – Quiero Ser Una Estrella de Rock – María Varilla – Mi Voz a tu Lado – Entre Rejas – Todo Fue Por Ti – Buscando Amor en el Planeta Equivocado – La Aprendiz y el Profesor – Mejor Que Yo – Un Fantasma en el Umbral – Somos – Y Ya No Puedo Moverme – Bajo un Arbol de Limón.

Band Members:
Electric Guitar: Antonio “Charapa” Pérez
Acoustic Guitar: Hermes Noguera
Bass: Juan Jose “El Chele” Abello
Drums: Felipe Lanzziano
Backing Vocals: Romina Mino

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