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Ángela Sánchez

Language: Spanish

Magister in Neuropsychology ANGELA LUCIA SANCHEZ BECERRA.
Psychologist from the Universidad de Atemajac de León, Mexico.
Specialist in Autism and graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana de Leon, Mexico.
Specialist in Neuropsychological Evaluation from San Buenaventura University of Colombia.
Master in Clinical Neuropsychology from San Buenaventura University of Colombia.
Creator of the Integrative Method for Cognitive Behavioral Disorders.
Creator of the Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Autism Spectrum ENEA (Validated).
Author of the book: Autismo una luz en el camino (2012).
Author of the book: Y ahora que debo hacer? (2013).
Scientific Director of Clínica Neurorehabilitar Bogotá Colombia and Neurorehabilitar.

Angela Lucía Sánchez Becerra is a prominent professional in the field of neuropsychology. She was born in Colombia and obtained her degree in Psychology from the University of Atemajac de León in Mexico. During her studies, she specialized in the study and treatment of autism, completing a diploma program at the Ibero-American University in León, Mexico.

She further expanded her knowledge and skills by pursuing a specialization in Neuropsychological Assessment from the San Buenaventura University in Colombia. In order to delve deeper into this field, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in Clinical Neuropsychology at the same institution.

Mrs. Sánchez Becerra has made significant contributions in the field of neuropsychology and autism. She is recognized as the creator of the Integrative Method for Cognitive Behavioral Disorders, a methodology that combines different therapeutic approaches to provide comprehensive treatment for cognitive-behavioral disorders.

Furthermore, she is the creator of the Neuropsychological Assessment of Autism Spectrum (ENEA), a validated assessment tool that has been instrumental in understanding and diagnosing autism more accurately.

Mrs. Sánchez Becerra has also ventured into the literary field, having authored two books: “Autism, a Light on the Path” published in 2012, and “And Now, What Should I Do?” published in 2013. These works reflect her commitment to raising awareness and providing support to individuals living with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Currently, Angela Lucía Sánchez Becerra serves as the Scientific Director of the Neurorehabilitar Clinic in Bogotá, Colombia, and also leads Neurorehabilitar, where she continues her clinical, research, and teaching work in the field of neuropsychology.

Thanks to her academic background, contributions, and dedication, Mrs. Angela Lucía Sánchez Becerra has made a significant impact in the field of neuropsychology and has brought hope and support to many individuals and families affected by cognitive and autism spectrum disorders.

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