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Ryan Halleck

Language: English

Ryan was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. He showed little connection with the world, didn’t make eye contact, and had limited speech, often repeating words with echolalia. To support his development, Ryan began a therapeutic process. Notably, his learning platform was formed by several centers, including the Dan Marino Center in Weston, Florida (USA), where he worked with PhD psychologist David Lubin, and Nova School in Davie, Florida (USA).

Through years of consistent therapy, it became clear that there was a world full of opportunities for Ryan. The arts, particularly music, have been a great source of stimulation for him. This has helped him to develop excellent interpersonal relationships, which he enjoys greatly, and has made him affectionate and effusive, something that was initially a deficiency.

Believing in Ryan and always seeing him as a typical person has helped him to become an active member of society. He has had the opportunity to represent inclusion in events such as fashion shows, folk festivals, and community social activities, where his performances have been a source of inspiration for other families.

 It is worth noting that the Bryan Art Foundation, together with Ryan’s musical coach Boris Llerena, have played a fundamental role in Ryan’s musical development.


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