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Miki Erez

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My name is Miki Erez, the founder and developer of the Wheelchair Fitness Training System. My expertise in creating this system comes from being on both sides of the therapy. I’m a personal life couch and grandmaster martial artist with a Ph.D of Philosophy in Asian Martial Arts. I’m also a member of the disabled community as a veteran of the Israeli Air force. The Wheelchair Fitness Training System was developed as an effective and efficient mode of physical therapy and all-around workout; specifically directed to disabled individuals. The equipment may be used in a physical therapy or rehabilitation business or may be purchased for in-home use.

During COVID, we are now facing unprecedented times. Social distancing and restricted business hours yield decreases in the availability of physical therapy. The wheelchair-user community faces great challenges; from transportation, to a decrease accessibility of physical therapy businesses, and a continued need for regular rehabilitation and fitness. In addition, the disabled community legitimately fears and is at greater risk from coronavirus exposure and would rather receive one-on-one service in the privacy of their own homes.

As with many businesses today, some rehabilitation and fitness centers and clubs and physical therapy establishments might be closed temporarily or limiting their member’s in-house services since they are considered high risk.

To address this issue, Wheelchair Fitness Training System has created a mobile unit that has the capability to train any wheelchair-bound individual one-on-one, with over 60 exercises. This mobile unit will give you the ability to expand your business, and reach more clients. If you are involved in helping wheelchair-bound individuals in terms of rehabilitation, fitness, or ongoing physical therapy contact us for more information on how to incorporate Wheelchair Fitness Training System into your business.

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