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Eduardo Feinmann

November 30

Language: Spanish

He is one of the referents of opinion in journalism and political analysis in the Republic of Argentina; he stands out for being a guest speaker at many conferences due to his incipient career as a documentary filmmaker, recently, “Venezuela Somos Todos”, broadcasted in 2021 by Mega TV in the USA.

Eduardo Feinmann was awarded the “Martín Fierro 2019 and 2020” for the best male journalistic work. This emblematic award is appointed to the audiovisual media industry and has been granted since 1959 to the best host of the country in different categories (television/radio). Considered the most polemic journalist of his time due to his fiery editorials against corruption, decriminalization of drugs, trade union demonstrations, drug trafficking, international terrorism,
populism, insecurity, and crime.

He’s characterized for pushing through debates, exposing his frontal and critical style in the issues addressed. Vehement in his ideas and stance, he is a strong defender of values and democracy and believes that education is the most valuable weapon for the present and future of any country.

 With a long and successful career in the media, he hosts “+ El Noticiero” from 18:00 to 20:30, in the news channel LN+ (La Nación Más) of the multimedia group belonging to the prestigious Argentine newspaper “La Nación”, leading the prime time audience ratings both in the signal itself and in all the news channels signals in that time slot, according to IBOPE measurements.

In radio, he is considered a radio personality, being the face of Radio Mitre, which belongs to Grupo Clarín, the other most important Argentine multi-media owned by the newspaper “Clarín”, since 2022, hosting the prime time slot (the first morning) from 6:00 am to 10:00 am with “Alguien tiene que decirlo”, his historic radio program. In this way, Feinmann is the only journalist in the history of Argentina who manages to work in the two most important media groups in the country, in the prime time of both radio and television, leading in audience in a sustained way every day.

At the same time, in 2021, he hosted “Verdad Feinmann” for Cadena Mega, which was aired on Saturday afternoons at 7:00 PM (East) and 9:00 PM (National Signal). Towards the end of the eighties, he began his career in journalism, which progressively grew in prominence. He began as an outdoor journalist and columnist before becoming a star host. From that moment on, he was already making his mark, and was characterized by his professional singularity. He is considered an opinion leader and one of the fifty most influential figures in Argentina by Noticias magazine every year. On a personal level, he is recognized as a fan and practitioner of horseback riding and tennis.

His career in Radio

He started working in radio in 1989 as an outside reporter for Santo Biasatti’s program in radio Del Plata; Feinmann stated that he learned his first moves in the journalistic profession there. Between 1993 and 1997 he was part of the program “Hoy por hoy”, hosted by Néstor Ibarra on Radio Mitre as a political columnist. In 1998 he worked in the program “La vida y el canto” hosted by Antonio Carrizo in Radio 10. He was political columnist of “El oro y el moro”, hosted by “el Negro” González Oro in Radio 10, being the leading program of the Argentine radio for 12 years. He was there for 16 years.

In March 2014 he began to host “Dicho y Hecho” (Said and Done) on Radio 10, a current affairs program. In 2015 to 2016, he was in charge of hosting “Alguien tiene que Decirlo”. From February 2018 to November 2019 he hosted Radio La Red’s prime time “Feinmann 910”. As of February 2020, he joined as the main figure to Radio Rivadavia’s programming, with the program that carries his brand “Alguien tiene que Decirlo” from 09:00 to 12:30. She is the face of Radio Mitre’s prime time for 2022, hosting with her historic program, the first morning from 06:00 to 10:00 AM every day.

His career in Television

In 1996 he had his first television job as columnist of the ATC news program “Noticias” and “Mediodía con Mauro”, both broadcasted by Argentina Televisión a Color (ATC). From 1999 to the present, he is the host of the weekly political program “Sensación Térmica” on the cable channel Metro, part of the Clarín group. Between 2001 and 2002 he was a columnist of the program “Después de Hora”, hosted by Daniel Hadad and broadcasted by América TV.

For 9 years, she hosted “El Diario”, the main newscast of C5N’s news channel, from 2007 to 2015. From 2017 to 2020 he conducted the “Noticiero de A24” on A24’s prime time news signal, being according to the country’s measurement data, the second most watched program in that slot. In 2021, he hosted “Verdad Feinmann” for Mega Network, which aired on Saturday afternoons at 7:00 PM (East) and 9:00 PM (National Signal).

He currently hosts “+ El Noticiero” from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM, in the news channel LN+ of the multimedia group belonging to the prestigious Argentine newspaper “La Nación”, leading the audience ratings.

Links to some of his works:

1. Radio:

Editorial Radio “La Red” 29/07/2019, “Mrs. Cristina Kirchner, I tell you what is happening in Venezuela.”

Editorial Radio “La Red” 14/08/2018

2. Television:


Editorial A24 “Noticiero de A24” 12/08/2019: “Analysis Presidential Elections 2019”

Editorial C5N “El Diario” 01/26/2015 on the “Magnicide of prosecutor Alberto Nisman”

Editorial A24 “Noticiero de A24” 26/11/2019 on the book of the “Thief of the Century”

Editorial A24 “Noticiero de A24” 10/08/2018 about “The Congress of Corrupt”

3. Interviews:

Interview with Congressman Waldo Wolff on “Sensación Térmica” 01/03/2018

Interview with Journalist Ceferino Reato on “Sensación Térmica” 24/08/2017

Interview to former President Nestor Kirchner “El Diario” 30/12/2009 – last interview granted by the former president during his lifetime, after the acquittal of illicit enrichment.

4. Interviews Granted:

Interview granted to “LNE” 12/12/2017

Interview granted to “Infobae” 08/02/2020

Note A24 “Noticiero de A24” special envoy Venezuela 08/05/2019

5. Conferences:

Eduardo Feinmann lecture to supermarkets before the presidential elections 05/23/2019

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November 30
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