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Juan Pablo Dos Santos

Language: Spanish

Juan Pablo Do Santos has turned his life experience into a testimony in which he touches on topics such as: the awakening of consciousness, the power of a positive attitude, the value of resilience and a call for everyone to discover all the opportunities we have. He was the first Venezuelan to participate in a beauty contest as an amputee (mister supranational) and made it to the first finalist. He participated in the New York Fashion Week in 2021 as a model for a renowned Venezuelan designer. He is currently an ambassador for national brands such as: Redvital, Internacional de Seguros, KFC, Tang and Regal. In addition, he is the corporate image of Pegamax. As a speaker he has participated in important events such as: Ismael Cala’s (Hispanic Life Coach USA/LATAM) conference in the city of Caracas, as well as in different
activities in the municipality of El Hatillo, in addition, Talk participation for national and international companies.


The foundation was created by Juan Pablo Dos Santos in 2020, motivated by his experience after being amputated by a traffic accident in 2019. At this time Juan Pablo did not have the financial stability to cover for the multiple surgeries that were performed to save his life. To obtain his prostheses, everything was achieved through campaigns and donations. Given the circumstances, is why he, his team and family are dedicated and committed to helping and supporting disabled people, and amputees by disease or accident related, not having the resources that require mobilization to return to normality. Juan Pablo supports them through different programs – social, educational, and labor by providing them with a full and independent life. Currently there are many campaigns being carried out where you can contribute in order to meet the goal to initiate the process of a prosthesis of many patients.

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