Neurodiversity is a concept that regards individuals with differences in brain function and behavioral traits as part of the normal variation in the human population; a term used to advocate for the inclusion of people who think and communicate differently.

"A personal growth community"
Enhancing the life’s of teens and aspiring young professionals who think and communicate differently.


A 21st Century innovating global approach to personal and professional advancement for high school graduates and university students - providing tools, resources, community support, and advocacy involvement to the neurodiverse community.

 – Rita Hernandez



ASPIKA TALKS – successful professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, artists, people from all industries, and around the world sharing ideas, inspirational stories, experiences, career advancement skills, mentoring, and support celebrating our differences. 

ASPIKA XCHANGE – Meet up clubs, activities of your liking – make friends, bond and have fun by surrounding yourself with people that inspire you.

Information about employment opportunities, universities choices, and resources from around the world. 

ASPIKA SUMMIT – Experience 2 days of transformative learning, workshops, talks and networking. Meet people you can relate to, learn from and stay connected for a life-long relationship. 

ASPIKA Blogs, Podcast, Web-Videos, and YouTube CELEBRATES ALL NEURO-TALENT by showcasing their creativity and work via digital media.

Embracing my challenges set me free to achieve my dreams.

– Gabriel Rubalcava

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