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The world is connected; people are living closer and interacting in ways never done before. My mission with Aspika and my son is to aggregate all service in one place, build a global community sharing ideas and goals.

There are more Universities today aiming to de-stigmatize unique minds and highlighting resources leading students to thrive, and many companies are now hiring more individuals on the spectrum, recognizing that people that are wired differently from “neurotypical” people, may bring new perspectives to a company’s efforts creating value; It begins with patience and training.  About 70,000 teenagers with a neurodiverse profile enter adulthood each year, and that translates to roughly 700,000 adults over the next 10 years in the US alone applying for jobs.

About me

Rita Hernandez

An International, successful and respected media brand with 30+ years of experience with broad base background and exceptional work ethic, making her a distinguished pro-active executive. Considered one the most pivotal figure in the development of Branded Content Business approach in Communication. In the last 10 years and through her continues force to look forward, Sigma Analysis Group has reached an exuberant International growth by spearheading high profile Marketing executions for Fortune 500 businesses.

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