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Angell Deer

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Angell Deer is a mystic, medicine man, teacher, permaculturist, beekeeper, International speaker, and lover of all forms of life. He has dedicated his life to remembering, learning, and teaching ancient wisdom through the lineages of Andean Cosmology and Norse Shamanism. His passion is to weave words and stories, people and places, darkness and light, wounds and love, ancient and modern times.

Deeply committed to the healing of this world, he is heartbrokenly inspired by our shared humanity. He likes to dwell in the adventurous space of not-knowing, learning from his elders the mystery and magic of creation, in the never-ending inquiry into a spiritual way of life.

He is often found on the land of The Sanctuary in awe of the myceliumystic connections of life, tending to the trees and animals, and praying for a world where relationships, community and deep care for life is a reality.

Angell is trained as a Veterinarian, Medicine Man, Breathwork Practitioner, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Herbalist, Beekeeper, and more. He is an ordained minister and a licensed Wellness Professional. He is the founder of the New York Bee Sanctuary a national nonprofit advocating for the preservation of bees & pollinators.

He was an advisor for 5 years to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). He has spoken in front of global audiences at the French Davos forum, the French embassy in New York, as the nominee for Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young, at Harvard Business School, Parson School of Design in NYC, awarded the NYC Venture Fellow for best entrepreneur in New York City by mayor Bloomberg, and was recognized as “Earth Rockstar” in 2022 at the Global Concert for Earth.

The Sanctuary is a Shamanic Healing Center located in Callicoon, NY on the 7 acres of land of the Sacred White Deer. The land is a safe haven for animals, plants, bees, and people. It is certified as Bee Safe by New York Bee Sanctuary, Pollinator Friendly, Wildlife Refuge, and as a Monarch Butterfly Station.

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