Anti-Inflamatory Cooking and Nutrition

We are Rosse Finol, a lawyer and yoga instructor, and Andreina Escalante, a marketing specialist and health coach. Together, we bring Pancita Felíz to life, our online store for organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free foods. Life is definitely a recipe, and it chose us as its ingredients, destined to create the most magnificent one of all: “connecting with our children.”

We don’t aim to be professional chefs in the gluten-free kitchen. Our focus is on embracing the daily decision to love the transformation of food, as it is a source of life for us and our family. Beyond teaching them all our techniques, we want to show them a new way of looking at nature, stimulate their creativity, and help them find support or the answers they are seeking.

The energy of the kitchen, just like the one that sustains our bodies, comes from our emotions. Our feelings are the main ingredient that brings life to each preparation in our kitchen and for our cherished little ones.

This project is for the children who will have fun cooking, for your heart that connects with the satisfaction found in each preparation, and for creating memories that will last a lifetime with a taste of mom’s love. It is a bond of love and connection, and it’s for you.

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